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#2 Attractions in Barcelona

Enjoy art and nature at Park Güell, an oasis of color and design in the city.

Map of entrances

The park was named after Eusebi Güell, a wealthy businessman with an interest in Gaudi’s talent who served as his main patron. Although the main idea for Park Güell was the construction of a luxury residential complex, with the passage of time this idea was discarded, and instead, the park we have all heard about was built. A magical and unique place surrounded by green sceneries that always surprises its visitors 

Finding the right place to enter Park Guell? Here you have the map to get your covered.

Be careful to go to the right entrance

The park with an area of 17 hectares, hosts magnificent gardens, original works, and sculptures that fit perfectly into nature as Gaudi wanted. The architect Antoni Gaudi was very inspired by nature and wanted to give the park a natural dimension with his works such as his tree-shaped columns. There are 3 possible entrances – two at the bottom and one at the top, and be careful to check where you want to go, because the park is very large (17 hectares), if you go to the wrong entrance, you will have to walk

Carrer de d'Olot

Carrer de Larrard leads to Carrer d’Olot which is the main entrance to Park Guell. This entrance lies at the intersecting point of the two. If you take Bus Line H6, D40, or 92, it will drop you at the Travessera de Dalt stop. However, a few steps walk is required to enter the monumental zone of the Park at the magnificent entrance on Carrer d’Olot.

Carretera del Carmel​

The second entrance is on the Carretera del Carmel also named Plaça de la Natura, located on the western boundary of the park, adjacent to the tourist-designated coach parking area. Avinguda de la Mare de Déu de Montserrat, which is ten minutes from the Carretera del Carmel entrance, is where buses from Barcelona City Tour and Bus Turístic both have stopped.

Av. del Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya

The third entrance, located at the top of the Park Guell, at the eastern boundary features the facility of an escalator. This would save you from climbing the steep slope of Park Guell. You can take the metro from Lesseps or Vallcarca stations and can have a 20 minutes walk to the entrance of Park Guell. However, it is advisable to use the escalator at Baixada de la Glòria.

More Information

You should know that the park is divided into two areas:

The “Gaudí” area, that is to say, is the paid part of the park also known as the “Monumental zone”, where you can find the dragon’s staircase, the washerwoman’s portico, and many others.

The free part – the “Forest zone” gathers Mediterranean gardens and a breathtaking view of the city of Barcelona.

Of course, the most interesting things are in the paid part! So there is a park within the park. Although you can see interesting things in the free part, such as the viewpoint, the viaduct, and the beautiful gardens, it is better to spend some time in the “monumental” park, the part with restricted access. The Monumental zone includes the entrance area with the colorful Salamanders, the Casa Del Guarda, the balcony with arched benches, and the market hall. To ensure the best experience for tourists visiting this Gaudi masterpiece, only 400 visitors are allowed inside the monumental zone every half hour. So buy a ticket beforehand to the Park Guell monumental zone!

Many people who think they are in the right place are refused access to the monumental park because they arrive late! Hence the importance of finding the right entry! Due to the exploratory nature of this attraction, it is best if visitors take a Park Guell Map or recommended walking routes with them.

Most tourists get a printed map of Park Guell or a recommended walking route and take it with them. After all, no one wants to miss out on the must-sees in Park Guell. Or just keep walking in circles. Hence, be mindful of what entrance you would like to visit and which travel points in Park Guell you want to visit.

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